4-14-2012 WINNERS CUG in Fountain Valley CA.

On 4/14/2012 I had my last presentation on this trip before the  WINdows usERS CUG 
in Fountain Valley, CA.
32 Members attended the presentation.The questions and answers over lunch where a great addition to this meeting.

Unfortunately I
 wasn't able to get any pictures. I'm actually lucky that I made it to this meeting at all.
My original information had this meeting set for 1PM. I only found out at 10:00 AM,by going to their website, that the meeting actually starts at 10:00 AM

I got very lucky. I made it to the meeting place in 20 minutes.  That was excellent time. We are talking about Los Angels.....

I was greeted by some happy and smiling faces. The meeting finished within the time frame allotted and just in time for me to be invited to join the group for lunch.

Lunch consisted of some excellent  food and even better conversation.

One week from tomorrow, I'll be back in California for an additional 5 presentations.


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