CPUsers Group - Follow Up

Today I received the pictures from the remote presentation from the CPUsers Group which was done on 6/12/2012
along with the following kind words from John Mazur, the clubs President.
If you live in the area, consider joining their Users Group.

Thanks for the follow up email with the links and discount. Demo was very well received by our memebers. 
Just for the record we had 38 (35 members 3 guests) total in attendance that night. 
I received several comments as to how helpful the demo was to some of the members. 
Please do consider doing a demo in the future for our club. 
I also look forward to seeing you at the APCUG conference in Ohio in July. 
I have attached several pix from that evening. 
Thanks again,
Jon Mazur"

                                           (click image to Enlarge)


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