Microsoft exec: 'Windows 9' to be announced next week

Microsoft exec: 'Windows 9' to be announced next week

A personal Observation:
A new release of the Windows operating system has always brought with it a new learning curve.
Some folks have forgotten that. Some have also forgotten that learning new things is what keeps your mind active and your body young. Something that's more important for some of us than others.
For those of us that embraced and have worked with Windows 8 since it's early beta days, we always knew it was a much better operating system that the prior ones.
It's faster, more secure and, more compatible with older software than it's predecessors.
For those that missed the traditional start menu, there had always been a third party program that fixed that oversight from Microsoft. Adding  ClassicShell
to the mix, gave you back the start button and added the ability to bypass the metro apps screen entirely.
We are about to embark on the next release of Windows. This new version will also have a slight learning curve and offer quite a few enhancement.
Change is something that can be embraced or hated but almost always improves what's come before.
Bob G.


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