How To Speed Up Windows 10 after the Upgrade

After the upgrade and because there are so many files to shift around the second run (where defrag kicks in) can take up to an hour
Download the SDK web installer from
here (
Run the installer and select the following:
Leave the default location.
Windows Performance Toolkit 

You must reboot on completion of the install
After reboot set aside about 30 – 45 minutes when you will not need the computer
When ready start an elevated command prompt :
Right click on the Start button (bottom left) and select Command Prompt (Admin)
Then copy and paste the following command into the black box :
xbootmgr -trace boot -prepSystem -verboseReadyBoot

Now your PC will be restarted 6 times. With a two minute pause before the tool runs after the desktop loads.
After the second reboot the MS defragmentation program is running and is placing the files into an optimized layout, so that Windows will boot up faster
The last Reboots are training of readyBoot. After the training is finished, you'll notice a huge improvement in startup.

Be patient, it’s worth the effort and time invested in this process which has a proven record of success since Windows Vista.


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