Using Common Sense for WiFi Sense in Windows 10

Connecting to suggested open Hotspots sounds very insecure until you realize, they are the same hotspots you already access. The hotels you stay at, libraries, etc. I always use a VPN anytime I connect to one of these places for added protection.
Allowing all of your friends and contacts access to your Wi-Fi seems like a security risk. 
Is it really ? If you think about it, you may think differently. You already allow your friends and family that visit your home access to your Wi-Fi. Wouldn't you do the same for your contacts ?
Granting your contacts access doesn't mean they all get to use your Wi-Fi. That would only happen if they were close enough to access your Wi-Fi signal. 
What at first glance seems like a request to expose your computer to all sorts of dangers, may not be as 
Bad as we thought.
Think about it and then make your decision.You can always change it if you later decide differently.


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