Avast and Your Privacy

The internet has been full of concerns about Avast's handling of its user's privacy.
Here are my thoughts on this very important subject matter.
I personally wish that this had never occurred. There is no going back but there is a commitment from Avast for a brighter future.
Microsoft, Google your ISP, etc, etc. All collect data and use it in many different ways. Making money is one of the ways your data is used.
By default, the OS is set to share as much of your info as possible. The programs and apps you install usually have the default setting set in a way that you offer as much information as possible
The average user doesn't go into those settings to make changes which is what all large and small companies depend on.
Here in the US, if you've ever been on the internet for any amount of time, you no longer have any privacy.
If you delete your information from one source, you can be assured that this information has already been gathered in many other places.
Security is alive and well. Privacy is a totally different subject matter.

I'm pissed that the data mining was going on and wish it had voluntarily been stopped prior to someone else finding out that it was happening. Non of that changes the fact that from a security standpoint, Avast is still an excellent AV product.
We now at least have the assurance from Ondrej that collection of information from its product from now on, will only happen if you agree to that collection.
Avast is still my Antivirus product which has kept my systems safe since 2003Please following this to set up your privacy settings in Avast,

A message from Avast CEO Ondrej Vlcek

Avast will no longer provide data to Jumpshot

Since there are always 2 sides to every story, here's a different perspective.


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