11/18/2021 Computer Users of Erie, PA - Remote


Last night I spent some time with the folks in Erie, PA.
The topic for the evening was all about Windows 11.
This was a hands on demonstration of Windows 11 and all the new features
that are part of this newest release from Microsoft.
We started the evening with some basics that should be followed before
the upgrade including creating an image backup, just in case.
We all know that things only go wrong when we don't prepare for it.
I was also sent a list of questions prior to the presentation from
various club members that I answer and provided any needed material.
Many of the questions pertained to compatibility with current programs and
hardware. I personally haven't run into any of those types of problems.
It's always nice when you can actually answer a question while demonstrating
the answer directly on your system. A picture is still worth a thousand words.


Unknown said…
Hello Bob,
Thanks again for another informative presentation. We had a decent response for questions from members which seemed to help you personalize the talk and kept folks attention. I am sure we will contact you in the future regarding additional topics of interest. Having ACPUG speakers, such as yourself, available to CUE certainly has, in my opinion, been beneficial. It gives some of our Special Interest Group Leaders a break from having to repeatedly research, develop, and conduct a presentation-not that they mind.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Conrad J. Sobczak

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