10/6/2021 Under the Computer Hood User Group, CA - Remote


Todays fourth presentation was for the members of UCHUG. https://www.uchug.org/
Only via Zoom can you start out in the morning in AZ, follow that up a 2 1/2 hrs.
later in Florida then 3 hrs later do a presentation in VA and end the evening in
San Diego, CA. Covering that great a distance in one day is only possible remotely.
I have to admit that even remotely, 4 presentations in one day are still tiring.
It's always great to spend time with the members of UCHUG and I'm happy they extended the invitation. I'll probably be back with them next month as a guest.
The Q&A session lasted longer than the presentation.
We discussed WiFi repair, Avast Secureline vs free VPN's Avast One, and Avast OMNI.
We also spent some time discussing Avast's HackCheck and the importance of using a Password Manager.
The Q&A session finally ended at 10:00 PM (MT). Tomorrow's presentation starts at 7:30 AM (MT).


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