Here's MY Version of "The Best Security Suites of 2016"

I read the following article today ( ) and don't understand why anyone wants to spend all that money when there is protection available totally free of charge. Protection and Security just as good, or better, than what's suggested in that article.
Here are the programs I suggest that, once installed, will protect your system and do it all for FREE.
What's better than being fully protected and doing it all for FREE:

Avast Free Nitro Update ), an excellent Free Antivirus that I've personally used since 2003 and am happy to endorse.
Since the free version of Avast doesn't have a Firewall, I suggest that you use the Firewall built into Windows. The Firewall built into Windows 7 through 10 gives you all the protection you need and is already a part of your operating system. Verify, via the Control Panel, that it is turned on and active. 
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free ) is an excellent Companion to your Antivirus program regardless of whose product you happen to use.
WinPatrol Free ( ), monitors your system for changes and warns you when an unexpected changes occurs. It allows you to investigate that change and, reject it if it's something you don't want.
Unchecky ), un-checks unwanted add-ons that are preselected when you install a wanted program. This often happens unnoticed when using a default install. I personally always do a custom install so I can see what's being installed, where it's being installed and, I can manually uncheck what I don't want installed.
McShield ( ) prevents boot infections on external devices from infecting your system.
Opera ) Now with Free VPN to keep you safe when using Open WiFi.
Enjoy the security, the protection and the price.
More information and additional resources are available for free at:
(If you have a viable Free addition to add to this list, please let me know.)


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