A stark reminder thanks to Google Maps

Google reminded me today that even though October
was a very busy month with many presentations,
I never strayed very far from home. All presentations
were done from my home via Zoom.
Here's all the places I visited during October 2021,
I can walk to the park and the other two places are
within 15 miles from my home.


Mike Ungerman said…
I observe strict social distancing as I have chosen not to get the Covid-19 vaccines; instead to use prophylaxis with prescribed Ivermectin (See https://www.flccc.net). As a result, over the last year and a half, my travels have been significantly limited. I have a plug-in hybrid (Kia Niro) and have used only a single tank of gas in over a year, putting less than 2,500 miles on it (essential shopping and doctors appointments). All social meetings have been via Zoom. The Central Florida Computer Society hasn't had an in-person meeting for that same year and a half period.

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